Tactical gear to survive in the open

Got Gear? What You Need To Survive in the Open!

It wouldn't be wrong to say that the best outdoor equipment, or survival equipment, comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. They frequently come with tools or gear that enhance one's well-being, resourcefulness, and safety when in the wild. We searched for some of the most useful equipment throughout our 10-hour hunt, including food, water, and emergency supplies. Every piece of equipment or gear we've selected will significantly increase the survival of whoever is carrying it. 

We placed the utmost importance on each item's utility or primary use while selecting our survival kit. Does it effectively fulfill a specific, significant purpose? Every item on the list will perform its intended function flawlessly and with a high degree of dependability. Additionally, many objects have other applications, whether through compounding capabilities or the inclusion of extra tools and accessories.

Everything we searched for has to be somewhat light and portable. It's acceptable if not everything you see here is not neatly packaged in a case or travel bag. The most crucial factor is that they will fit in a backpack or other type of pouch and won't significantly slow you down.

Tactical Gear for Outdoor Survival

Here are some factors to consider when choosing tactical gear for outdoor survival.


Is the thing necessary? Can you live without it, or more particularly, will you seldom need it? Only what you might require in an emergency is an exception. Even if emergencies are unlikely, you should nonetheless be prepared with the right equipment. In any case, evaluate the accessory or piece of gear and determine whether the trip or activity you're organizing really needs it. Carry only what you really need; anything else will weigh you down.


We're talking about equipment that will be exposed to adverse weather, harsh environments, and maybe even shock or damage. The equipment's resilience is therefore given top emphasis. Are the building materials weather-resistant? Plastic is never a superior material to stainless steel. Is the equipment waterproof, and will it function in inclement weather?


Cost always plays a big role when it comes to survival equipment, although perhaps not in the way you might imagine. It is preferable to choose equipment of higher quality with higher-value or high-end survival gear rather than seeking lesser, more inexpensive solutions, although this is achievable.

Even if you find top-selling survival gear, you should have faith in the gear's quality rather than merely its popularity. The specific justification is that you want to be certain that whatever equipment or supplies you use in an emergency while in the wilderness will be dependable.

You might not always be in a position of safety where you can get in touch with customer support and receive a replacement the following week in the mail. You don't want poorly constructed equipment to break down in an emergency event like an accident or during hazardous weather. That is not to argue that finding equipment at a fair price is impossible. The argument is that you shouldn't only consider pricing while shopping for equipment that could save your life.

Food Options

A guy's gotta eat! We're guessing there's no take-out where you're going with your tactical gear. Foods that are dry, offer natural preservation, and preserve for a long time are the ideal to store for survival, whether you plan to stay here or venture into the wilderness. Foods that deteriorate rapidly won't be useful, particularly on lengthy travels. The ideal illustration of a dependable, long-lasting food source is an emergency supply with a 25-year shelf life.

The Equipment

The following are our top picks for what you will need when looking for tactical equipment for outdoor survival.

Tactical Gloves

The fashionable and business-oriented tactical gloves are up next. TPR, or strong and durable thermoplastic rubber, is used to make them. Because of the protective finger and knuckle protectors, some collisions won't hurt your hands. More than you would realize is happening inside the fingers, including dual-layer internal strengthening to boost endurance. High amounts of energy and pressure are also absorbed and dispersed by the unique D30 cushioning in the palm.

Tactical Pen

We're off to a great start right away with one of the best tactical pens available from one of the greatest tactical pen manufacturers. A true classic, the Gerber Impromptu tactical pen is shown here in gorgeous black. It features a strong body of machined steel, and the pocket clip is dependably durable stainless steel. You ask what makes it tactical. Well, the Rite in the Rain ink cartridge helps to make it made to function in all environments, but that's not all. A glass-breaking point made of tempered steel is available to assist you in getting into whatever trouble you often find yourself in.

Tactical Flashlight

In the midst of the forest, without anything to light your way, you really shouldn't be going into battle, even if it's only with the trees and brush. A good flashlight emits a beam that is effective for 346 meters and has a total brightness of 2,200 lumens. Depending on the level of lighting you use it on, the torch may operate for 1.75 hours to 43 hours. Therefore, we advise utilizing mid to high beam intensity only when absolutely necessary. Additionally, it gives you the choice of strobe illumination for signaling or disorienting reasons.

Tactical Heavy-Duty Quick Release Shooters Belt

The load-bearing, low-profile Tactical Heavy Duty Quick Release Shooters Belt (OD Green) was created while keeping the end-user in perspective. Shield Concept's top-notch tactical belt is designed to hold all of your stuff. The outer belt is designed to attach to the inner belt firmly. It is also where the gear is fastened. On the other hand, the inner belt is made of a single nylon layer webbing and is intended to be used simply like a regular trousers belt. The inner belt's adaptable design allows it to be utilized as a regular belt with pants, jeans, and shorts.

The outer Tactical Heavy Duty Quick Release Shooters Belt attaches to the inner belt with high-quality Velcro, making it incredibly simple to wear or take off at the drop of a hat without any difficulty. The inner belt will maintain its fit even if the outside belt is taken off, allowing you to wear your pants or jeans normally for the whole day. Due to the innovative method, the belt may stay in place for extended periods without modifying it. The addition of MOLLE loops allows MOLLE gear to be mounted to the belt, and the quick-release clasp ensures that the outer belt can be taken off quickly and effortlessly.

What About Shelter?

When you're out in the open, it's not always going to be a cool breeze and starry nights. The greatest outdoor equipment, or survival equipment, comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. They frequently come with tools or gear that enhance one's well-being, resourcefulness, and safety when in the wild. We searched for some of the most useful equipment throughout our 10-hour hunt, including food, water, and emergency supplies.

That's why military and tactical survival kits usually include materials to build or provide a temporary shelter. Actually, there are just two main parts to a decent shelter. In addition to keeping you warm and dry, the shelter must also keep you dry. Most of the time, the heat is generated by your body as it moves around in a small space.

A temporary shelter like a tent is a fantastic example of a shelter. Alternatively, you might construct a lean-to shelter by stacking materials like wood, leaves, and other things. In the worst-case situation, going inside a small cave or an area with plenty of trees may be helpful. In frigid regions, such as the mountains or

A homemade shelter can also be built-in cold environments, such as in the mountains or snow, utilizing a thermal sleeping bag, extra blankets, or a similar covering. Even in the freezing weather, you may keep warm by entering. It's not ideal, and nobody should prepare for it, but it is a possibility for survival.

If you are looking for more tactical equipment that can keep you safe outdoors, head to ShieldConcept.com for some of the best options when it comes to tactical equipment that you can count on, along with loads of helpful information that could save your life or the lives of others.