Cops in black uniform wearing tactical vests and body armor

QR, OPS, LCS and MOLLE: What do they Mean?

Have you ever been curious about the vest used over everyday wear to keep all the crucial items close at hand? That equipment is referred to as a tactical vest, which is quite convenient and has grown in popularity among hikers and outdoor explorers.

A tactical vest is a tough, over-the-clothes item with buttons along the front and no collar. With several pockets, it serves as a means of carrying necessities on an excursion while also providing protection.

In addition to being employed by the military and law enforcement, tactical vests nowadays are also used for outdoor sports like fishing and hunting. They are made with several straps and compartments in various sizes to accommodate all necessary materials, such as telephones and maps. The comfort of these tactical vests is a priority. A tactical vest typically weight about 2.5 lbs. The lightweight construction reduces fatigue without sacrificing security.

Because it is built of water-resistant Oxford and Kevlar brand fiber, the vest often has a long lifespan. The vest has side buckles that can be adjusted, making it simple to put on and take off. A steel wire connecting the front and rear of the vest is frequently attached to the shoulder to keep it sturdy.

Some vests are made with a holster for a sidearm, a pocket for shotgun shells, and a compartment for rifle magazines. The majority of them include Velcro, so you can add more storage and sections to keep your radio in. They can also come with a belt looped through the bottom of the vest to accommodate handgun magazines.


The fundamental guideline is to understand how to differentiate between a conventional tactical vest and a vest specifically for soft or hard ballistic inserts. Most reputable military apparel and accessories retailers also include the original product's name.

Due to this, be mindful of the phrase Plate Carrier, which refers to tactical vests that may be equipped with either hard or soft ballistic inserts, even though the description does not mention ballistic inserts. It is well recognized that each user has a unique perspective, making it difficult to decide which garment to ultimately select. Because of this, we have developed a concise guide for you to explain the features of tactical vests and how each component works.


Of course, we start with the MOLLE. Multiple modular parts make up the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment system. It enables the Soldier to transport tactical combat gear in a way that maximizes lethality and battlefield survival.

The Soldier's burden may be adjusted thanks to the system's adaptability. The tactical assault panel, a removable body armor system, is equipped with a combat load carrier. The TAP contains fixed pouches for a soldier radio, six magazines, and a GPS. A Soldier's equipment may be attached to any MOLLE pouch using the webbing on the front of the TAP.

Along with the different MOLLE pouches, the rifleman kit comes with a 2,000 cubic inch assault pack for quick operations. The 3,000 cubic inch backpack of the MOLLE medium ruck set has a suspension system that is compatible with the rear ballistic plate of body armor. A soldier's vital mission equipment may be transported in a medium ruck for up to a 72-hour deployment.

Using a sequence of woven straps, MOLLE webbing-equipped equipment enables you to attach parts to one another. This creates a robust link that doesn't bounce or rattle while in motion and won't fail. In order to guarantee a solid binding, regulation MOLLE requires at least two straps per attachment.

The best tactical backpacks have an in-built MOLLE system that allows you to customize your ruck to your requirements, whether those are military or bug-out bags or more casual uses like long hikes or Airsoft. MOLLE webbing is made out of nylon that ensures its durability when out in the open. While adopted by the army, the MOLLE system is used by civilians as well.


Modern PALS tape technology includes cutting tapes (pleats) using a laser into the fabric. The equipment using the LCS technique is thus 30% lighter than the equipment using PALS tapes that are conventionally stitched.

These products are built with high-quality materials to endure for a long time and provide consistent performance, and they may be totally customized to meet your specifications. These laser-cut tactical MOLLE plate carrier vests are approved goods for usage and are perfect for all kinds of special law enforcement requirements.


When you are compelled to remove your vest on the battlefield or when hunting, quick-release buckles are really helpful. When timing is crucial, the ability to swiftly lower the vest demonstrates the distinction between regular buckles and QR buckles. One-handed removal or dressing of the vest is possible thanks to quick-release buckles. In general, three rows of ribbons can be put around the abdomen as long as it opens and shuts. These are an essential addition to your vest that allow opening it to get some air a breeze and are extremely simple to operate, which is another advantage of the quick release belts for a tactical vest.


OPS-specified vests offer comfort during rapid movement and aid in protecting the wearer while on duty. Magazine pouches are integrated or modular on OPS vests and chest rigs. The vest may be customized to the wearer thanks to the skeleton cummerbund. There are three pockets for three M4/M16 magazines on the front plate.

A flat Velcro pouch and a Velcro panel are located at the top of the front plate. Both plates are connected at the top by soft shoulder pads. This is a comfy tactical vest constructed of durable nylon. You may extend the vest by adding more pockets with two plates created with MOLLE and Laser-Cut systems. The vest may be customized to the wearer thanks to the skeleton cummerbund.

It comes with excellent pouches. The only pouches are the three mag pouches, which can accommodate a radio inside of one and keep two AR magazines in the other two. Although this vest is reasonably adaptable, it is not built for enormous guys. The Velcro grips firmly and continues to perform its intended purpose. For the price and for someone just beginning into tactical gear, it's fantastic.

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