Things to Know When Buying a Tactical Vest

Things to Know When Buying a Tactical Vest

Your decision about your tactical vest will totally depend on its intended use. Tactical vests are useful in all circumstances, whether you are a member of a military squad or playing paintball. They benefit everyone, not just hunters or law enforcement. A tactical vest will undoubtedly be chosen by anybody who is concerned about their own safety as well as the protection of others.

A tactical vest with built-in body armor is advised if you are a bounty hunter or work in a line of work where getting shot at or stabbed is more possible. However, you do not need to defend yourself against a 7.62 if you are playing airsoft. Depending on the activities you will be engaging in, the qualities you desire will greatly vary when buying a tactical vest.

Modern tactical vests include right- and left-hand holsters that can snugly fit pistols and medium to big firearms if you need to carry a weapon. Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) or a Pouch Attachment Ladder System are typically found on tactical vests (PALS). These are ways for attaching webbing pouches to carry more tactical equipment.

Some individuals confuse plate carriers for tactical vests and vice versa. Even while some tactical vests have pockets for holding plates, they are not completely bulletproof. The vest is divided into two areas by a zipper so that each hand may readily access one of them. Tac vests are composed of lightweight, breathable material since they are intended to be worn even in hot weather.

Get the Right Size 

Sizing is crucial when it comes to tactical equipment for the military or law enforcement. You should be measured by a qualified individual, ideally someone with prior marketing and vest-wearing experience. If the vest's sizing is even slightly incorrect, it won't fit correctly or adequately protect you.

You'll have to wear it looser if it's too tight, leaving spaces where the tactical vest won't cover you. Your comfort will suffer greatly if your vest is too loose. It will move about after your equipment is on it if you want to wear it for an extended amount of time. If you sit down, the vest will also hit your chin and ride up on your chest.

Make sure you're sized properly because comfort and protection frequently go hand in hand with a vest designed to defend your life. The firm who created the vest can, if it comes in the wrong size, trim it down to fit you, but they can't do it more than once.

Choosing Ballistic Plates 

To carry ballistic plates, most individuals spend money on a plate carrying vest. Before making an investment in your tactical vest, you should think about the size and usefulness of the bulletproof plates. Certain plates won't serve every vest the same because there are so many different types of vests.

For instance, military surplus jackets sometimes have Kevlar like plates from ballistic plates sewed into them. Due to their size, these types of plates won't fit well in the majority of existing plate carriers. The majority, if not all, plate carriers should be able to accommodate standard size 10 x 13 plates, which will protect users' important organs. Some tactical vests can accommodate 11 x 14 bulletproof plates, although smaller, lighter tactical vests have a hard time doing so.


There are two types of straps available for tactical vests, which you should be aware of before buying one. There are two straps: a shoulder strap and a side strap. If you think the tactical vest is a little too tight, the former type can be easily lengthened. The side straps, on the other hand, are intended to reduce pressure on your chest and abdomen.


If you choose a good tactical vest it can keep you safe for years. It is crucial for your safety to replace worn-out vest components since they deteriorate with time. The majority of users engage in strenuous activity while wearing their vests, thus it's critical to get a durable item. When crawling over difficult terrain or inclement weather, military personnel and law enforcement personnel frequently wear their vests. Additionally, you need sturdy plate carrier attachments.

You must wear damaged tactical equipment or send it in for repair if it becomes damaged. Because tactical vests are expensive, many people only own one, thus neither choice is ideal. A quality product takes care of these problems, allowing you to carry out your activities without being concerned that you'll hurt your vest.

For many reasons, especially with pricey bulletproof tactical vests, durability is essential. You don't want to spend money on something that breaks down after a few uses. Your life is at risk if the agency you work for selects a vest with a lower hazard level due to cost.


Depending on fit, users need to be able to correctly modify their tactical vests. The addition of accessories to the vest may require various changes for different people depending on their body size as well. Users may need to make adjustments to the upper straps of the vest to make sure the plates are properly positioned for appropriate protection.

Additionally, these modifications will take into account how accessible specific products are. Last but not least, the majority of vests have straps on the side to ensure a proper fit around the chest and belly. This fit guarantees the plate carrier's integrity while it is in motion.

There are many vests come with built-in magazine pouches that are sewed in, and MOLLE is layered throughout the vest to provide more features and versatility. This is a fantastic feature that can help tactical aficionados design their vest for less money. It's crucial that additional pouches may be added either on top of the existing ones or replaced with new ones, whether your vest already has built-in pouches or is outfitted with them. Adaptability is all but impossible if the vest is constructed like a cross draw or chest rig.

Before you even put on your tactical vest, it's critical to consider where you will keep it. You don't have to leave it on the sofa or bed once you take it off because you won't be wearing it the entire time. It must be stored properly. Never fold the vest, always hang it up, and make sure you can always get to it. It need to constantly be in good shape.

Choosing tactical equipment may be challenging for both law enforcement and the general public. It might be difficult to find a tactical vest that fits you the best. You want the vest to be comfortable while yet providing all the necessary protection. An quality tactical vest should fit well, be more functional, and be tailored to your needs.

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