A warrior soldier wearing tactical gloves is standing in a front view closeup.

Your First Tactical Gear Must-Haves

It's essential for every survivalist household to have tactical gear. While some preppers may focus solely on surviving disasters, a tactical loadout plan is designed to help you fight your way to safety in any environment, whether it's familiar or foreign. To be fully prepared for any emergency scenario, it's crucial to equip yourself with the appropriate loadout to ensure the safety of your family.

Start With the Backpack 

To prepare for emergencies or disasters, the first step is to select a durable backpack that can hold your essential tactical gear. It should be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear yet lightweight enough to carry with ease. Fill it with items that can aid you in an emergency.

There are certain items that you must have, such as water filters and water, canned and dehydrated foods, a knife, rope or string, a gun and ammunition, matches, and a compact blanket. These supplies will enable you to survive in any location, and you should pack them as efficiently as possible into your backpack.

Consider purchasing a tactical backpack designed specifically for this purpose. It will be lighter than other backpacks, making it easier to carry. Ensure that it has numerous pockets to keep your items organized and easily accessible.

The Plate Carrier 

Plate carriers are gaining popularity over time, and for a good reason. They are designed to fit comfortably over your shoulders and hold body armor on your chest and back. The plates come in various gauges, depending on the level of protection you require, with a trade-off between protection and weight.

Modern plate carriers feature velcro, allowing you to attach other accessories such as general-purpose pouches, first aid packs, and magazine holders. While you may believe that this is unnecessary, the world is unpredictable, and being prepared for anything is crucial. Therefore, a plate carrier is a necessary item to have.

When selecting a plate carrier, it's important to understand that there are six threat levels. Each level is designed to protect you from different weapons with varying ranges, caliber bullets, and knife blades. Therefore, you must be aware of your threat level, which means knowing the type of weapon your opponent may use.

The level of threat will determine the number of plates and the style of your vest. Consider it this way - you wouldn't use mosquito repellent to protect yourself from a bear, nor would you use a shotgun to shoot down a mosquito.

Consider the intended use of your tactical vest. Will you be using it daily, such as in law enforcement? Additionally, ask yourself if you will need to carry sensitive equipment and where you may not be permitted to wear the vest.

These questions will assist you in determining the purpose of a tactical vest. For example, if you are a law enforcement officer who may encounter gunfire while apprehending criminals, a bulletproof vest is necessary for your safety in all situations. 

Pocket Holsters 

Using an IWB holster is an excellent method of concealing your weapon. If you need to carry a gun while traveling (excluding public transportation), it's crucial to keep it discreet. This can be accomplished by using an IWB holster or a similar type of holster that can be concealed from public view. If you plan to travel and hunt simultaneously, it's recommended to use both an IWB holster and a belt holster. These holsters provide quick access to your weapon, particularly in urgent situations.

Tactical Pen 

It's unlikely that you'll be permitted to travel with a full-sized weapon. However, a tactical pen can serve as an emergency weapon and writing instrument. Most tactical pens have a simple and practical design. The best tactical pen to purchase should have excellent writing capabilities, a durable outer body, and a tip that can double as a weapon if necessary. In dangerous situations, a tactical pen can be used to defend oneself against an attacker. For instance, in a life-or-death survival scenario, a tactical pen can be utilized for self-defense.

Moreover, tactical pens are discreet and are not typically viewed as dangerous weapons, allowing you to carry them with you at all times. Depending on the design, you can carry them in your pocket, or waistband, or clipped to your belt, ankle holster, or shirt neckline. Therefore, choose a tactical pen that can be easily clipped to your clothing for quick access.

Tactical Belt 

A tactical belt, also known as a police duty belt, gun belt, "duty rig," or kit belt, is a belt made of nylon or leather that police, jail, and security officers use to carry equipment in a series of pouches. This allows for quick access to the equipment while leaving the hands free to interact. The belt can hold a variety of useful items, from handcuffs to firearms.

Historically, tactical belts were similar to Roman sword belts and were frequently worn over the uniform by military and law enforcement personnel. Nowadays, this type of belt can be worn as a regular belt or as a fashion accessory by anyone.

Tactical belts can improve your performance and efficiency by providing swift access to your gear, enabling you to concentrate on the task at hand. They can also alleviate fatigue and enhance your posture, allowing you to move around comfortably for extended periods.

Tactical belts offer easy and rapid access to your gear. The pouches and holsters are strategically positioned for quick access, enabling you to retrieve your items promptly when required. This is particularly crucial for law enforcement officers and military personnel who must act swiftly in emergency situations.

Tactical belts are designed to be both comfortable and secure. They have a sturdy construction that keeps them in place, preventing sagging or twisting. This allows you to move around freely without having to adjust your belt constantly. Additionally, tactical belts are padded and ergonomically designed to distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure on your back and hips.

When it comes to tactical belts, rigidity is a crucial aspect that shouldn't be overlooked. This is true for both traditional leather gun belts and modern tactical belts. The level of rigidity in your belt determines its ability to support your gear without bending or breaking.

It's important to ensure that your belt has the right amount of stiffness to handle the weight of your equipment while still being comfortable to wear. If you're carrying a full-size pistol, holster, extra magazines, and other gear, a duty-style tactical belt is the way to go. These belts are designed to provide the necessary stiffness and strength to support heavier loads, making them a great choice for gun owners who prefer larger handguns.

Ending Note 

Bringing tactical accessories on your trip can offer numerous advantages. Not only do they serve as self-defense tools, but they also provide an extra layer of security. In sticky situations, they can serve as a backup plan.

For instance, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, tactical accessories can aid in executing your escape plan. Additionally, having tactical gear while traveling enables you to explore risky tourist areas without jeopardizing your safety. Considering these benefits, tactical accessories are essential tools that should not be overlooked when traveling, whether to familiar or unfamiliar destinations. For more information on tactical vests, tactical belts, and more, visit ShieldConcept.com.