Close-up of multi-camouflaged soldier vest pouches, illustrating what one might consider when buying a magazine pouch, with an American flag patch visible.

Getting the Most Out of Your Magazine Pouch: A Comprehensive Guide

For those of you choosing your first plate carrier, understand that there's more to consider than simply wearing one. Merely finding a plate carrier that fits isn't enough. Indeed, a poorly-designed plate carrier, or one worn incorrectly, can be uncomfortable and restrict mobility. Lacking the right accessories can also pose risks.

Undoubtedly, the most crucial accessory for plate carriers is the pouches you select. Plate carriers, regardless of their size or protection level, are designed to accomplish two tasks – protect you from enemy fire and enable you to carry essential items while in the field.

Tactical Gear Pouch Types

Magazine pouches come in a wide variety of designs, each with special benefits and features. The decision between an open-top and a closed-top design for a magazine pouch is one of the most crucial ones. While closed-top magazine pouches give additional security and protection, the open-top option gives quick and simple access to magazines. Some of the leading manufacturers provide a wide variety of magazine pouches, making it easier for you to pick the one that's best for you.

When choosing which attachment technique to use, it is important to remember that there is no right or wrong solution. The choice ultimately boils down to personal preference. That being said, some people often prefer direct connection since it is quick and simple. For a more stable connection, some people like using MOLLE adapters or clips are recommended.

Regarding the actual positioning, it is recommended to place the magazine pouches at the bottom center of the plate carrier. This ensures that the magazine pouch is reachable quickly and easily while not coming in the way of your other equipment or firearm. You can also try holding the magazines more on your non-dominant hand's weaker side.

But using both hands can make it more difficult to reach, which is why it is best to always try out both of these techniques to find out which one suits you best and which option you are the most comfortable in. At the end of the day, the type and number of pouches you use and their placement is all about comfort and your personal requirements, which may vary from person to person.

Pouch Placement

It is important to think carefully about where you want the holster accessories to go on the tactical vest or plate carrier. To avoid becoming overly heavy on one side, spread the pouches evenly across your front and sides and try to make sure nothing gets in the way of your drawing.

One of the rookie mistakes that first-timers make is attaching the pouches too close to their firearm, which can hinder holstering your weapon. It is also equally important to ensure that all additional accessories, such as radio cables and hydration tubing, have been routed cleanly and are not going to get in the way of your mobility.

If side plates are necessary (and they probably are if you're using a plate carrier), make sure to balance them accordingly and carefully examine how they affect your ability to move around or reach your most important equipment – your gun. The majority of tactical experts advise reducing the amount of gear one carries on their torso mainly because one's movement is unnecessarily restricted by excess weight and size of the accessories, which can also make it difficult to draw your firearm when needed.

Attaching the MOLLE Pouches 

MOLLE mag pouches are an excellent method to expand your plate carrier's carrying capacity. They can also assist in keeping your accessories accessible and neatly organized. One of the best things about MOLLE mag pouches is that almost any kind of plate carrier can be used to connect them. It allows you the freedom to alter your equipment to suit your unique demands.

However, MOLLE mag pouches can be fastened to a plate carrier using one of two methods, and it is important to know and try out both of these methods to see which one suits your requirements.

The first method is pretty easy and involves using specially designed MOLLE adapters and clips. The use of MOLLE clips or adapters, also known as MALICE clips, allows you to attach the mag pouch to the webbing of the MOLLE without needing to thread the webbing for each pouch.

Direct attachment is the second method and is also a common and easy way of mounting MOLLE mag pouches. Simply pass the MOLLE webbing through the magazine pouch and fasten it to the plate carrier's loops.

What About Your Knife?

There are many instances where you will not have to use deadly force by drawing your firearm. This is where a knife comes in handy and is one of the go-to choices of secondary weapons for a tactical vest or plate carrier. If you have the space for it, you will want to attach your knife with the hilt facing down close to the collarbone on your dominant side. This is so you can draw it with your non-dominant hand when required.

If you do decide to place your knife there, make sure it is placed such that it does not hinder your ability to draw, shoulder, or fire your main weapon. Alternately, think about wearing the knife with your tactical vest or plate carrier main-gauche style, as in wearing it horizontally at the small of your back on your belt. This setup is probably more broadly compatible with other gear configurations but makes it easier to use and keeps it out of the way of your other equipment. 

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