About the Malinois Lightweight Modular Plate Carrier Vest (MultiCam) from Shield Concept

This ultra-light plate carrier is the ideal choice for enhanced tactical maneuverability on the field. When in pursuit, the last thing you want is having to lug around a heavy carrier vest along with your other gear. The Malinois Lightweight Modular Plate Carrier Vest (Multicam) solves that problem in style without compromising your comfort or safety.

Once on, this lightweight modular plate carrier is all business with high-quality 500D Cordura fabric, nylon threads, and polyester webbing. The plate carrier has been designed to fit any 10x12 inches plates and allows you to carry plates that have a width of up to 1.5 inches, so you can rest assured that you’re going to get superior protection once you wear this
plate carrier vest.

The comfort of the Malinois lightweight modular plate carrier vest is enhanced with the help of fully adjustable shoulder straps along with a stretchable cummerbund. The shoulder pads have been well crafted with a dual hook system and loops for a hydration hose or radio antenna.

While there are several different cummerbund systems, the one on the Malinois lightweight modular plate carrier vest uses best-in-class materials for superior functionality. The plastic inserts make it easier to carry any extra gear without hindering movement. You also get adjustable side armor pockets that are L 6 inches x H 8 inches x W 1.5 inches for additional armor.

MultiCam is by far the most common plate carrier color. It’s a great camo for blending in with nature. Even in full daylight, the multi-cam serves as the best cloak. This hue also performs well in the infrared band and absorbs in a wide range of colors.