About the Tactical Ultimate Bundle Package Multicam (Plate Carrier, Mag Pouch & Belt) from Shield Concept

The Tactical Ultimate Bundle Package Multicam has been designed to cover all your needs. Purpose-built for military, law enforcement, and professionals.

The main product of this bundle is our famous Malinois modular lightweight plate carrier. It's the base on which you can add as many additional accessories as you would like. The Malinois can hold any 10*12in (steel, ceramic, polyethylene, SAPI, ESAPI, swimmer plates) without any hassle. Malinois also comes with two side armor pockets, which can be removed easily on the field in seconds. The cummerbund is skeletonized and stretchable. The Malinois does not hinder the maneuverability of the user, which means using the Malinois is easy if you're looking for greater movement. The Malinois is also comfortable, feature-rich, and well-constructed using high-quality materials. The Malinois also comes with heavy-duty shoulder pads that are comfortable for all-day use. The carrier also accepts Joey pouches, mag pouches, flat packs, utility pouches, and much more from most other brands, such as AR500 Armor®, FERRO CONCEPTS, T.REX ARMS, and many more, using molle or velcro attachments.

In conjunction with the Malinois plate carrier, the Tactical Heavy Duty Quick Release Shooters Belt 1.75 inches is great for carrying extra gear. Two belt system makes it easy to put it on/off. While the inner belt consists of single-layer nylon webbing and has been designed for use just like a normal pants belt, the outer belt has been designed to attach securely to the inner belt via velcro. The outer belt has molle straps to securely hold any additional gear.

The Tactical AK-47/AR-15 Triple Mag Pouch with G-hooks is laser cut, fully modular, and compatible with any G-hook system. Additional gear, such as pouches and magazine holders, can be added using the molle system.

For both citizens and professionals, The Tactical Ultimate Bundle Package Multicam is a must to have. That is all you need to be ready for any situation in life. It's the greatest camo for blending in with nature. As a consequence, even in full daylight, the multi-cam serves as the best invisibility cloak. This hue also performs well in the infrared band and absorbs a wide range of colors.