About the Tactical Heavy Duty Quick Release Belt (Multicam) from Shield Concept

The Tactical Heavy Duty Quick Release Shooters Belt (Multicam) is considered one of the world’s most well-crafted and safest options when it comes to load-bearing shooter belts. This high-quality belt has been designed for peak performance and comes complete with a heavy-duty fastening buckle and quick-release fasteners. The belt itself has been constructed using premium quality double-layer nylon webbing that’s 1.75 inches in width to give you complete support while you are out in the field.

The inner belt consists of single-layer nylon webbing, and one of the main selling points of this belt is that it has been designed for use just like a normal pants belt. The versatile design of the inner belt means that it can be used as an everyday belt on shorts, jeans, and pants.

The outer belt has been designed to attach securely to the belt and is where the gear is attached. The outer Tactical Heavy Duty Quick Release Shooters Belt uses premium quality Velcro to attach to the belt, making it extremely easy to put on or remove at a moment’s notice without any hassle. Even if the outer belt has been removed, the inner belt will not lose it's fitting and can still be used to hold your pants or jeans in place throughout the day.

The unique system allows the belt to maintain its position for hours on end, with no need to constantly adjust its position. MOLLE loops have been added to the mix for mounting MOLLE gear to the belt, and the quick-release buckle makes sure the outer belt is removed swiftly and easily.

Pro-tip; order the Tactical Heavy Duty Quick Release Shooters Belt (OD Green) based on the size of the pants you wear. The belt is available in Multicam if you are looking for a tactile belt that has been designed to help you blend in with the surrounding environment.